Every year taxes have to be filed. We can help you maximize your return.
Under the IRS regulations, anyone who obtains income within the United States must report income taxes. The deadline to submit an Income Tax Return 2019 tax year is April 15, 2020. File your taxes on time to avoid fines and penalties with the IRS.

Who can file tax taxes?
• Citizens of the United States
• Residents of the United States
• People with a valid social insurance to work.
• People with a valid ITIN number – If the person does not have a tax identification number, they are eligible to apply for one.

If you are an entrepreneur and your company started generating income during the fiscal year, your duty is to file your company’s taxes by March 16, 2020. If the tax exceeds the time limit you can have serious irrevocable fines.

Payroll taxes are federal, state and local taxes withheld from an employee’s paycheck by the employer. They include Income Tax, Social Security, and Medicare. If your business has employees, you need to file your payroll taxes. We can prepare all the forms, calculate taxes and file necessary returns in timely manner.

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