2022 IRP Registration Renewal Period Extended

To: All IRP member jurisdictions Re: Extension of registration period for motor vehicles registered in Illinois under the International Registration Plan

As part of Illinois’ continuing response to the ongoing state of emergency and to assist registrants who are experiencing difficulties in renewing their commercial vehicle registrations, the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office will extend by one month the validity period of vehicles registered under the International Registration Plan (IRP) with registrations expiring in March 2021. Vehicles with registrations originally expiring in March 2021 will remain valid through April 2021.

Notwithstanding these extensions, registrants are strongly encouraged to submit renewal applications as soon as possible in order to ensure timely processing. We ask that law enforcement agencies in all IRP member jurisdictions refrain from taking action against vehicles with Illinois apportioned license plates expiring March 2021, until the extension periods indicated above have ended.

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